Forbes on the Future of Retail: AI Characters Take the Center Stage

A Stylish Tech Revolution

In a fashion-forward world, the intersection of technology and digital fashion has never been more exhilarating. During the recent New York Fashion Week 2023, the attention of Forbes and the fashion-tech community was captured by the AI/XR solutions showcased by ISG Metaverse and Convai. At the heart of this innovation is the emergence of AI characters, a groundbreaking technology set to redefine the retail industry as we know it. Nolcha Shows NYFW SS 2024 held their acclaimed event as part of their relentless effort to present the emerging realities where Fashion and Technology collide in innovative ways.

“As AI continues to permeate daily life, demands for increased privacy and security will naturaly follow. These are concerns that Web3 technologies like blockchain can adress”

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AI Characters: A Digital Fashion Revolution

AI characters represent the cutting edge of AI and digital fashion. These virtual entities come to life within immersive 3D environments, revolutionizing the shopping experience. Brands are more aware of the value of XR technology to improve the customers’ experience, especially now that digitalization and gaming are becoming pop culture trendsetters. Whether it’s exploring the latest fashion trends, providing personalized style recommendations, or educating consumers about products, AI characters are set to transform how we approach brands. The best part is that retail experiences undergo remarkable transformations both in situ and online.

Loyalty programs are being created to make customers feel like they are part of a community. Customer-centered experiences supported by AI and immersive interaction are tools companies will use to maintain or increase their market share. These were some key elements presented by ISG Metaverse. Conversational AI inside 3D environments is no longer a domain of video games; rapid adoption for customer service is expected. Blake Hotz’s visionary perspective on the future of AI and privacy in the context of Web3 marks the posture with which the whole value proposal of ISG is presented. He emphasizes that AI’s integration with Web3 technologies, like blockchain, will ensure personalized and secure user experiences. This fusion promises to redefine the boundaries of retail and technology.


Thanks to Forbes for bringing this exciting partnership and its implications to the general public. It’s a thrilling time for tech-savvy shoppers and fashion enthusiasts as we witness the dawn of a new era where digital language becomes the way to interpret the world. The future of shopping is here, and it’s decked out in the latest fashion trends and cutting-edge AI technology. 


As we conclude our journey through the immersive world of AI characters and digital fashion, we can’t help but feel excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. The synergy between AI, VR, and XR is set to redefine how we shop, learn, and interact with the digital realm. 

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